Covid-19 specification

We care about your well-being

We at Equmind closely monitor the development of the pandemic and listen to the authorities' guidelines for preventing the spread of infection. The safety and health of our guests and staff will always be our first and most important priority, this has been the case throughout our active years and a pandemic will not make any difference in that regard. However, we have set up a couple of rules of conduct for our retreats so that everyone will feel safe in the times we live in.

  1. We respect each other's individual wishes about requested space and the need to feel safe
  2. We ask you as a guest to think about hygiene, close contact with others and to "keep after you", avoid touching your face (nose, mouth and eyes) without washing hands first
  3. We do yoga and meditation with increased distance between the mats
  4. We clean and sanitize the yoga mats after each session and are happy to see that you bring your own yoga mat and that you do not lend it to anyone else during the retreat
  5. You stay in single or shared rooms with safe distance between the beds
  6. There are hand sanitisers and Rituals soaps in all our rooms and bathrooms for you to wash your hands with as often as you feel like it. We also have a magic hand scrub that makes your hands baby-smooth. (With the risk that you will want to wash your hands more often than ever).
  7. We offer masks for those who wants it and you get them at the center (ask for it)
  8. We clean the common areas several times a day
  9. We like for you to see with your eyes and not the hands of our products in our shop until you buy it
  10. We kindly ask you to only arrive at the retreat center if you are symptom free from any COVID-19 related symptoms such as; fever, coughing, sore throat, as well as if you previously have had symptoms are symptom free for a minimum of 6 days. 

We live in a historically new time
Many can feel deprived of their liberty when travel is canceled and restrictions become part of everyday life. Isolation, feelings of loneliness, uncertainty about the future lead to an increase in mental imbalances and illness. Not knowing what the future will be like is really the same as before the outbreak of the pandemic, uncontrollable nor predictable. The only thing we know we have is the present moment. There is something beautiful in lock-downs, less temptations and options in activities, how we can travel and explore the world. That is, to be grateful and thankful for what we already have. Here. Now. Current time is a great opportunity to take a closer look at our everyday life, our patterns, relationships, emotions and mental state.

Am I doing what I really enjoy,

Am I in relationships that are good for me, 

Am I in a workplace that I enjoy and feel appreciated in,

Am I doing all I can for my own well-being, physically and mentally?

We have been gifted with the opportunity to look within instead of being tempted to go outside of ourselves manifesting in the doer, this year and near future offer us to manifest in the being.

This too shall pass!
So no need to be all worked up, (worried or frustrated over these times).
This too shall pass and all will be fine! Learning meditation and yogic philosophy will help you deal with crises like this pandemic, but especially in overall life situations such as relationships and how to relate to yourself, others and external events. This is what we are specialized in at Equmind and we are OPENING UP in several new channels due to the circumstances knowing the need for sustainable mental and emotional health is crucial. Now and for the future.

We are so happy to have found ourselves a new home in our 18th century manor in Stjärnhov and long to share this space and to explore ourselves together with you.

In a time where more distance and S P A C E and a two-meter rule prevail, an increased awareness is required about which environments we choose to spend time in to feel safe, as well as to respect the collective work to get the world safe to the new normal without a pandemic spread. We at Equmind secure the feeling and experience at our retreat by keeping greater distance to each other during all sessions and spread out our guests in single or shared rooms with well-thought-out locations of beds. At our mansion, we have 400 hectares of land and 450 sqm of living space, so there is enough space for you to find your own favorite place and it may be that you even long to get close to another person. Then we are here in community together at a safe distance in clean environments to share that emotional, physical and mental S P A C E. 

Togetherness is not defined by the 2-meter rule, but the energetic connection human to human. We are all interconnected, that has not - and will never - change.

Quoted by Jenny Wallgren Founder of Equmind

Warm welcome,

The Equmind Family