Educate - Teacher Training Courses

Teacher Trainings are for you who feel ready to dig deeper into your practice, expand your mind and wish to evolve a full understanding of what happens on a yoga mat. Whether you are seeking a professional path of a yoga teacher or to intensify your personal practise, the most important is that You are motivated to commit to the study of the science of yoga. The experience will help you go further in your own practice and help starting to live the wisdom of a yogic lifestyle.

Being the only full month immersion training in Scandinavia, the Equmind 200h Hatha Yoga Teacher Training Course is an unique opportunity to deepen your yoga practice and become a yoga teacher.

The two week immersion training, the Equmind 100h Back to The Heart of Yoga is an advanced Teacher Training Course that provides you with further depth and understanding of philosophy, anatomy and the subtle (energy) system. (coming soon!)