Due to COVID-19 we have made adjustments in our event schedule. All for everyone to feel safe and stay healthy!
Due to COVID-19 we have made adjustments in our event schedule. All for everyone to feel safe and stay healthy!


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Breathcontrol in Uncontrolled times

With a pandemic awakening the world to a health priority, breathing and breath control has never been of greater importance. 

90% of us are merely using 20% of our lung capacity which compromise the immune system. By learning how to breath with full lung capacity, connecting the breath to your nervous system you will increase the strength of your immune systems and your overall energy level. With these techniques taught you'll feel in complete control even when the world is shaking.

Europe Tour

Follow this schedule to see all events in Europe. 

In adaptation and as a gift due to Covid-19 we will conduct our tour sessions Online. 

Dates: Stay tuned for fun updates soon!


Yoga Yatra - India

Yatra means journey. This Yoga retreat is the journey to the land of spirituality and district of coconuts. We will explore the colors, flavors of the country as well as your own inner landscape in this one of a kind India Yoga Retreat. 

Jenny guides you to her secret gems of this incredible country as well as to your own, incredible inner self. 

Dates: February every year, 2020 coming up
Price: from 17995 kr (2weeks) 

Yoga Retreat In Florida

Jenny lives part of the year in Miami Florida and invites you to join her for a retreat in the Sunshine State. We will practice, eat well, be well, have fun and do day trips to nearby amazing places.

Dates: March to April & November-December every year, 2020 coming up

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Words From Our Explorers

It's through the one's who walked the path before us who helps us understand which way I should go. 

Yoga is the journey of the self, through the self, to the self.


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Create your own destiny by walking your own path. Thank the ups & the downs equally much for your personal development. All you are is a collection of your own life experiences. Keep on collecting, growing, thriving, becoming. Share your story, your path with gratitude and follow up. 

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