Equmind 200h TTC Info

Basic Curriculum


  • Asanas: The sun salutations, twelve basic postures and advanced variations. Effects of asanas on the physical and astral (energy) body. Proper posture alignment, deep relaxation, benefits and contra-indications of yoga asanas.
  • Pranayama: Basic and advanced breathing techniques 
  • Kriyas: The six classical exercises for purification of the physical body 
  • Mudras: Seils or gestures to focus and direct energy
  • Meditation: How to meditate, benefits of meditation and mantras
  • Chanting: Learning mantra singing in sanskrit with its effects on emotions 


  • Teaching principles, how to correct, set up a class and environment. 
  • How to teach different groups such as beginners, intermediates, prenatal, eldery, children, people with trauma and burnout.


  • The effects of hatha yoga practices on the holistic human body and energy system.


  • Historical currents of yoga, yogic worldview in relation to the modern one, the philosophical foundations and basic text sources. 
  • The basic concepts of different paths of yoga as taught in Bhagavad Gita and Patanjali’s Yoga Sutras.
  • Eight limbs of yoga as taught in Patanjali’s Yoga Sutras.
  • Introduction to the most important philosophical systems of India.


Daily Schedule

The purpose of the intensive schedule is to give you an experience of dedicated yogic lifestyle. Immersing into the yoga bubble will enhance learning and embodiment of the techniques as well as philosophical concepts. You will have time to absorb the knowledge, discuss it with other students and do some self-care on your own as well. 

6:00 am

Wake up

6:30 am

Morning meditation and satsang

7:30 am

Morning tea

8:00 am

Asana class

10:00 am


10:30 am

Karma yoga / seva / free time

12:00 pm

Lecture 60 / 90 min

2:00 pm

Lecture 90 min


Afternoon tea & snacks

4:00 pm 

Asana class

6:00 pm 


8:00 pm 

Evening meditation and satsang

9:30 pm 

Lights out, good night!

Attendance at all activities is mandatory. 

Saturdays are free of program with exception for the morning asana, seva and both meditation sessions. You can use the free time for resting, studying, introspection and exploring the neighbourhoods.


Assessment and Certification

The student is throughout the course assessed on all sections covered by the curriculum. The student’s understanding of the science of yoga will be evaluated through a written exam at the end of the course. The student shall pass all aspects of the course to be eligible for a certificate.  

If someone is not motivated to follow the curriculum and is of disturbance for other students and the general environment, Equmind has the right to ask that person to leave. This is a training that requires effort from the student. Therefore, we hold high standards for granting the yoga teacher certificate.

Upon successful completion of the course the student will receive a certificate of the Equmind 200h Teacher Training Course. Equmind is in the process of applying for Yoga Alliance certification. This means that the training will follow the guidelines and curriculum that Yoga Alliance requires, but will not yet give the student (Yoga Alliance) RYT 200 certificate. The training will, however, allow you to apply for the Yoga Alliance certification as soon as the Equmind Yoga Alliance Certification has been approved for you to become a registered teacher if you so wish.


Practical Information

This yoga teacher training course will be held in English but we are able to facilitate your learning also in Swedish, Finnish and Norwegian. 


Salthamn "The Villa", Visby Gotland, Sweden

This place is chosen as it holds several great conditions for an experience like this. It's right by the ocean in its solitude in the genuine nature of the paradise island Gotland. The air is fresh and clean, the food is local and organic, the house is spacious which allows you personal space as well as it is a treasure to only be able to retreat and live here for a month. 

Arrival and departure

The course starts on Friday 16th October at 4pm CET. It is possible to arrive at Salthamn at 2pm CET that day.

The course finishes on Sunday 15th November after brunch (around 10 am).

Salthamn is located 10 km from Visby airport and 16 km from Visby ferry terminal.

Travel here

By ferry or flight

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