Personalized Health Retreat Nerja Spain (max 2 guests)

9 500 kr

Open up in your private paradise

For a few separate weekends this spring, I am inviting you to come live with me in my quiet yoga paradise located on a hillside overlooking the ocean in Nerja Spain. Join me here together with your partner or best friend. Make it a mom and daughter or son and father trip or book the weekend all for yourself. 

This will be a weekend to rejuvenate, connect deeper with yourself (& your partner), get inspired and energized with nutrient food, yoga, meditation, breath work and a lot of time to enjoy the sunshine, ocean and nature. A luxurious event that is to one hundred percent personalized to your health needs and desires. May it be to relax the entire weekend, strengthen and open up your muscles, improve your understanding on the science of Yoga or explore new sides of yourself and this beautiful environment we live in. In a private, intimate setting we live in togetherness with the entire focus on you as guest(s) as the retreat will be personalized according to your individual needs and personal choices. 

What to expect

You arrive at a place where time appears to stand still, fruits are sweet, ocean breezes and stars light up at night. The hillside breathes calmness and serenity - a place far away from the stress of everyday life, surrounded by mountains, fresh air overlooking the ocean. The nearest beach is 700m from your bed, so perhaps a morning dip is just what you dream of, or taking a silent barefoot walk on the beach for hours soaking up vitamin D from the sunshine, or relax sipping watermelon juice in the sun bed on one of our four sun drenched balconies.  

When you go to bed you hear the ocean breeze and bird’s shipping, tuning in to a restful sleep. We wake up by the sound from the singing bowl and move gently and consciously throughout the day according to your personal sensations, needs and desires. We practice and live life from here in its most effortless way possible, learning how to enjoy life and explore ourselves from within.

With my deep experience in yoga, meditation, breath work and nutrition we will together structure this retreat ahead of your visit to fit your needs and desires. I will guide you through it so you can completely relax and enjoy!

A unique and limited opportunity!

The need for connection, personal care and interest to absorb applicable health knowledge are in these shifting times growing rapidly. Isolation and social distancing is not rightfully spoken as a challenging situation but a life changing period that has tremendous, negative, effect on our overall wellbeing. We are built to connect, to live close to others and to be part of others lives on a deeper level. 

Our hormone and nervous system requires social contact and connection for basic function. Our emotional and mental wellbeing requires to be seen and heard on a regular basis to function. Our mind requires attention and to be managed in order to not take over and stress us out. Our bodies requires nutrient food, proper movements and relaxation for basic function. These are all basic needs for a human being, the minimum requirements to feel "OK". If you want to feel amazing and thrive, you need to learn how to optimize your lifestyle and habits. A personalized health retreat is the perfect place to reach your optimum by planning your daily schedule, guidance, focus points together with your private teacher.

(suggested day)

After a restful night’s sleep you wake up to the deep, vibrating sound of the Tibetan singing bowl throughout the house. You slip your feet into loafers and wrap yourself in a robe, and in silence you tiptoe to the kitchen for your warm morning drink. You prepare yourself for our first session of the day on breathwork (pranayama), followed by an awakening movement class on the yoga terrace overlooking the ocean.  

Still in silence, we enjoy a fresh Ayurvedic breakfast together, and watch the sunrise ... ahhh...rising early and in silence, moving slowly, and connecting with the self, is a beautiful and loving way to start the day. You feel rejuvenated and ready to take on anything and the knowledge that we still have several days together to raise your inner-body-energy - your life force Prana - makes you smile.

After breakfast you may choose whether to remain in silence or not. In fact, some may choose to remain in the self-exploration space created by silence for their entire stay. But the choice is up to you.

We return to the heart of the house, to our shala terrace, for a practical workshop where we learn to integrate yoga practices into our daily lives. We at Equmind always say, it is in your daily life that you truly notice how beneficial your practice is for you. We will move outside to the mountains or ocean to discover ourselves in togetherness with nature; an important practice in itself.

After we have connected with nature and ourselves, you choose if you want to get served or be part of the preparation of our delicious, warm and nourishing Ayurvedic lunch for us to enjoy. Perhaps you want to learn more of nutrition and find inspiration for new dishes and if so you are welcome to join me in the kitchen. If you prefer to rest, you rest. Remember, this is YOUR retreat so we will adjust it according to your sensations and needs. All of our food is organic and plant-based with most ingredients locally produced. We have the nearest organic farmer only 15 min from the house, such luxury. 

With a happy stomach, an inspired soul, relaxed body and mind you are able to use your free time as you please. Go for a swim in the ocean, explore the cute town or perhaps a mountain hike and enjoy the magnificence nature has to offer us here. Take siesta and power up with vitamin D resting in the sun-bed on our terrace. Stroll down to the water and sit by the ocean to daydream or talk about life's deeper questions with your travel partner. Enjoy time in your solitude by finding your very own favorite spot and be in togetherness when it feels right to you. 

Bringing that sensation of being into our evening asana session will help you go deeper, both physically and mentally for a greater experience through your yoga practice. We will flow in soft and strong movements all aligned with the your dynamic. We let go of performance, perfection, and the pursuit of attaining anything but to deepen our connection with the self.

In the evening you will have plenty of time to enjoy your delicious dinner made from scratch with love. This will be followed by personal time before we tune back into silence with our evening meditation during sunset. In silence, we gently head back to our warm beds to rest and revel in the sensation of pure stillness and the sounds of our own heartbeat and nature's breath.

Sounds amazing, tell me more about the retreat, its content, teachers and daily schedule!