Energy & Chakra Healing

2 500 kr
Healing sessions are only available to You who really are ready for change and prepared to do the work that includes change. You need to have done some self development and work ahead of these sessions.

Make your booking on how many sessions you want. Each session is maximum 2,5hours, minimum 2h, and we will work as far as we can per session. The price is 1500Sek/hour but 2500 for 2h. Sometimes this is "all it needs" but often you need to come back for a couple of sessions to properly heal.

We will together set the date and time to perfect our time together. It is a Live meeting and either I come to you or you come to me, it is all up to you where you will feel most comfortable and open for the sessions content. 

We take the reservation to cancel any of the bookings we find the client is not yet ready, as a precaution for both you as being healed as well as for the healer.