Hatha Yoga Teacher Training 200h

50 000 kr 42 000 kr

Being the only full month immersion training in Scandinavia, the Equmind 200h Hatha Yoga Teacher Training is an unique opportunity to deepen your yoga practice and become a yoga teacher. The essence of yoga is learned through a combination and balance of theory and practice, with repeated practices and inspirational lectures. There is no better way to begin the life long journey of a yoga teacher than to come together in a small group in Sweden in this intensive teaching setup.

Living and experiencing a comprehensive yogic lifestyle, practicing together and learning to teach is a transformative and once in a lifetime experience. We believe that the best way to learn is through an immersive intensive course where it is natural to shut down external interferences to be able to focus within. The benefit of small group training is to allow attention to you as an individual and the transformation you are about to go through. The foundation of yoga practice you will build during this month will carry you on forever.

Our Promise

We have done our very best to build a curriculum combining traditional yoga practice and philosophy with understanding of the latest academic research in behavioural science, neuroscience, philosophy and history of yoga. We connect the philosophy of yoga with real-life situations and struggles, taking a user-friendly approach to this ancient practice. This course is truly comprehensive and immersive.

By completing this intensive teacher training course, you will gain increased strength and flexibility, deeper emotional and spiritual connection, self-love, self-esteem and awareness. You will be ready to start the next chapter in your life as a trained yoga teacher. This course shifts your energy up into a life filled with more joy and presence.

The training takes place on Gotland, Sweden, October 16th - November 15th, 2020.

What You Get!

  • Hours of guided practice each day (see the basic curriculum).
  • Introduction to all main hatha yoga techniques (see the basic curriculum).
  • Introduction and immersion in Ayurveda and the principles of yogic diet.
  • Skills, confidence and how to-guidance for teaching a yoga class and working as a yoga teacher.
  • Fundamental understanding of anatomy, physiology and biomechanics in relation to yoga. 
  • Wide knowledge of the basics of yoga philosophy, the concept of yoga, the goals of yoga and the various philosophical movements connected to yoga.
  • Introduction to the yogic worldview and subtlety of the human mind-body system and energy anatomy.
  • Unique offer of 4 months of complimentary coaching sessions (1 meeting per month) to ensure a smooth start for your path as a yoga teacher. 
  • Friendly, like-minded community with the passion for yoga!
  • An opportunity to be hired by Equmind as a junior yoga teacher.


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