Who we are & what we see for the future!

What do Equmind do?

Our mission & philosophy is to be a source of knowledge and inspiration in order to promote higher awareness and implementation for sustainable mental and emotional health worldwide. 

We want to keep the door open for everyone curious to grow in mental and emotional health. Therefore we have several entrances for you to choose from, such as Retreats, Courses, Workshops, Trainings, Corporate classes, Seminars, University lectures, Interactive LIVE online classes as well as audio and video recordings. Depending on where you are at in your practice and level of interest we got you covered and you can live anywhere in the world to be part of our community, thats one uniqueness with our offer. Be a newbie or a long time practitioner, all levels are welcome and we are happy to guide you to the event best fit for your current needs and desires. 


What makes us Unique? 

We fusion eastern techniques from the science of Yoga, Meditation & Vedanta with the latest western behavior science research. East meets West. It is a union where the heart meets the mind with You, the individual, in the center. This is what EQUMIND represents. EQ stands for emotional intelligence and MIND the intellectual intelligence, with "U" being the individual in the center which all growth is circulated around. Developing with us at Equmind you know the focus will be on You and Your growth! 

The Team

Jenny Wallgren is an E-RYT 500+ experienced teacher with 17 years of self practice and thousands of teaching hours worldwide. She's the founder and owner of the personal development interactive online global studio Equmind. She teaches and educate individuals and corporates all over the world and split her time in Asia, USA and Europe. She's the concept builder of Urban Yoga Intensive level 1 - 3, main teacher in Teacher Training program and a dedicated and loyal lover to the practice and are in constant self development. She sees Equmind to be an extension of herself with aim to provide at leastone valuable method in every session for you to take with you to your own growth process.

After working as a risk analyst in investment banking for a decade, Jenny put everything on hold, bought a ticket to India and left in the pursuit of deeper purpose and meaning, which ended up being Yoga. Throughout her journey, she practiced and deepened her knowledge in the science of Yoga and Vedanta. She lived with her Gurus in India for over a year and meditated with monks in complete silence for weeks at a time. Since then, she has been sharing her love for Yoga across the globe, as part of her mission to inspire individuals and corporates to Explore, Evolve & Educate, in order to promote sustainable mental and emotional health through a fusion of Yoga and the latest behavioral science research. 

She has her main teacher in Swami Govindananda and belongs to the initiated lineage of Swami Sivananda. She lives with her Gurus at least for a month every year to deepen her own knowledge, understanding and awareness for mental and emotional health. 

Sanni Parkkinen

Marina Asplund Marina är matkreatören som numera utbildar sig inom kvinnohälsa på Justisse College. 2014 var hon medskapare till det populära cafet STHLM RAW och skrev boken RAW FIKA /Fika Nyttigt. Marina har alltid haft ett intresse för mat, kultur och hälsa, hennes främsta inspiration har varit hennes äventyr från jordens alla hörn - det är genom att äta, diskutera, inspireras, uppleva hon har lärt sig mest. Marinas erfarenheter förde henne naturligt vidare till kvinnohälsa och hormoner.  Hon ser fram emot att handleda kvinnor till ett liv med mera kroppskännedom, hormonhälsa och härlig mat.


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The door to reach out is always open, an invitation that is everlasting, for us to connect and be able to continue evolving together. Here and now. 

Send us a email to : connect@equmind.com 


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We will respond to your needs as soon as possible. 

W/love & light,
Equmind Team 




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