Urban Yoga Intensive L1-3

In these unique intensive trainings where Jenny has created a fusion with the science of Yoga, latest western behavioral and neurological science and personal development skills we will grow as individual, develop our yogic and behavioral skills. 

Often these trainings lead to an increased desire to learn more and most students end up taking all levels, with three months back to back transforming their lives and shifts their awareness in daily actions as well as energy levels. 

These courses are tough irl in the past since 2017 when they were created and are currently being recorded for a virtual experience. These months will always be offered in a close interactive contact with the teacher to evolve together with the support of the teacher and the other participants. 

Level 1 - for the beginner or you who want to ensure the foundational steps of Yoga

Level 2 - for you who have practiced regularly for a min 1 year and want to take your practice further. You are familiar and secure in your foundation with asanas, breath (pranayama) and meditation. 

Level 3 - For the intermediate practitioner who wants to deepen the experience and knowledge in breath control (pranayama) and meditation. This is for you who want to connect with the deepest part of yourself. (pre-requisite is to have a successful participation in level 1 & level 2, or similar training certificate).